2020 Training Facilitators, more information coming soon!

candy.jpgCandy Adamczak is a trained circle keeper and conflict resolution facilitator  She has 20 years experience in restorative justice processes and restorative practices in workplace and school settings. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Management with a focus on Organizational Psychology and Development. Candy has over 30 years experience in a supervisory capacity working in the corporate, private, and public sectors. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and a volunteer with the Carlton County Restorative Justice Program. She is passionate about supporting self-care for all facilitators, teachers, and administrators working in the field of restorative and transformative practices.

Candy will facilitate Morning Mindful Moments every day between 8:15-8:30

Glenn Campbell.pngGregg Campbell has been an educator for nearly twenty years. He was introduced to Restorative Practices three years ago and has since worked to bring Restorative Practices into area schools.  Gregg is a strong advocate for the community-building power of Circles in staff meetings and student groups.  He can also speak to the need for systemic changes to policy and procedures needed to implement RP in schools with fidelity.  Mr. Campbell is currently the principal of Barnum High School.

Gregg will co-facilitate Restorative Practices Circle for Administrators with Connie Hyde Monday-Tuesday.


Callie Devriendt is the Social, Emotional, Behavioral Multi Tiered Systems of Support Coordinator for Lincoln Park Middle School in Duluth and the Mental Health Partnership Coordinator for Duluth Public School District. In her current MTSS role Callie supports LPMS with strategic plan development and implementation of tiered interventions for students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs. In her Mental Health Partnership role she coordinates and oversees mental health co-located community providers serving students throughout Duluth Public School District. Callie’s personal mission has been to develop trauma informed systems that offer quality social, emotional, behavioral and mental health interventions for children and adolescents. For 15 years Callie’s held a variety of positions in the mental health field as a School Social Worker, Therapist, Day Treatment Case Manager, and Supervisor in a variety of settings including schools, home, day treatment, youth shelter, county, and an at-risk and homeless youth drop-in center. She is trained in trauma therapy, ACE’s, crisis intervention strategies, trauma informed schools, and restorative practices.  She is trained as a circle keeper and in restorative conferencing. Callie has been a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker for seven years, graduated with her Masters of Social Work from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2010, and graduated with her Bachelor’s of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin Superior in 2005.

Callie Devriendt will co-facilitate Breaking Barriers – Supporting Students Through Trauma Informed Practice with Ronell Kahring Tuesday and Wednesday

thumbnail_IMG_0409Peter Eng graduated from the University of Wisconsin Superior in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.  Following four years as a correctional officer, he returned to school at The College of St. Scholastica, earned a Minnesota teaching license in language arts, and secured his current position as a teacher at the Federal Prison Camp, Duluth.  He has also worked as a volunteer with the Carlton County Communities Restorative Justice Program since 2012.

Peter is co-facilitating Breaking the Pipeline to Prison with Chrissy Gamst on Monday

IMG_6034Chrissy Gamst began her career with the  Department of Corrections in 2005.  She began as a Corrections Officer and later became a Support Staff in Due Process and the Office of Special Investigation, Corrections Teaching Assistant, Corrections Transitions Coordinator, and is currently a Corrections Case Manager.  She is a part of the Restorative Justice committee, Security Threat Group committee, on the Crisis Intervention Team, and has been a staff trainer at the facility. Reality Check, Parenting,  and Thinking for a Change are a few programs she facilitates for the offender population. Restorative Justice is her passion both in the institution and in the community.  Chrissy has been fostering partnerships between local community schools and MCF-Moose Lake in the  Reality Check program.

Chrissy is co-facilitating Breaking the Pipeline to Prison with Peter Eng on Monday


Emily Gaarder is the site director for the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking at the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD). A scholar and practitioner of restorative justicefor more than 15 years, she is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Criminology at UMD. Since 2003, Emily has taught restorative justice at the university level and also for community groups and organizations. She loves to share how restorative justice can be used in daily life by everyone. She has trained hundreds of volunteers in the circle process, circle keeping, and restorative dialogue. She has published widely on restorative justice and specializes in issues of gender. She helped establish the Domestic Violence Restorative Circles Program in Duluth, Minnesota, one of the only programs of its kind in the U.S. that specifically works with cases of intimate partner abuse. Her current research focuses on an evaluation of the program. Emily first learned about the power of restorative justice while working with youth in the juvenile justice system. She has facilitated restorative practices with juvenile probation programs, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office of Victim-Offender Mediation, schools, civil mediation units, and the restorative programs of Men as Peacemakers. She earned her Ph.D. in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, her M.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Cincinnati, and her B.A. from the University of Minnesota-Morris.

Emily is facilitating Deeper Understanding of Circle Wednesday-Friday

thumbnail_image1Angela Garbett started her teaching career in the Esko Schools with K-6 special education. She taught three years at the Cloquet Middle School and is in her third year teaching the Jr. High Program and special education at the Cloquet Area Alternative Education Program.  She has been involved in implementing Restorative Practices there for the past three years and feels it has been amazing! She is a firm believer in helping students learn and process through mistakes they’ve made as opposed to punitive punishments.

Angela is co-facilitating Whole School Design with Cloquet Area Alternative Program Principal Connie Hyde, Dave Perry and Laraine Mickelson all day Friday


Connie Hyde is the Principal of Cloquet Area Alternative Education Program (CAEEP). She has been a K-12 Principal in the Cloquet school district for 17 years. MA Curriculum and Instruction Certified: 1-6 Elementary; Art K-1 and Administration K-12.

Connie is co-facilitating Restorative Practices Circle for Administrators with Gregg Campbell Monday-Tuesday andWhole School Design with Laraine Mickelson, Angela Garbett and Dave Perry all day on Friday


Ronell Kahring, is a Dean of Students at Lincoln Park Middle School where she utilizes restorative practices and a trauma informed approach on a daily basis when supporting students.  Ronell was previously the PAWS Program Coordinator at LPMS which is an alternative to suspension program that utilizes restorative practices, social emotional learning, and various other culturally relevant practices to support students.   Her passion for building positive and authentic relationships with students has been the foundation for her career. She has ten years of experience using Restorative Practices in both middle and high schools and she has worked with diverse student populations in alternative school settings and mainstream public school.   Ronell is licensed as a grade 5-12 Social Studies Teacher. She has previously served as a classroom teacher and lead teacher. Ronell has training in trauma informed schools, restorative practices and ACE’s. Ronell received her Bachelors of Science degree from St. Cloud State University.

Ronell Kahring will co-facilitate Breaking Barriers – Supporting Students Through Trauma Informed Practice with Callie Devriendt Tuesday and Wednesday

lindsey 2.pngLindsey Markwardt is an American Indian Woman living on the Fond du Lac Reservation. She currently works with at-risk American Indian youth as a Home-School Liaison. Lindsey is a single mother raising her two daughters to walk the good path with mashkaawizii (inner strength). Lindsey has worked in American Indian Education for over 10 years, and is absolutely in love with her culture and traditions.  She is honored and humbled everyday that she is able to share these teachings with younger generations. Lindsey has come to walk on the Red Road after spending years spiritually stuck, and emotionally broken by an addiction that threatened to tear her life apart. Through her struggles to break the cycle of addiction she has learned what it really means to come full circle.

Lindsey will be offering Using Circle to Teach – Embracing the Circle and the Sacred Space Within Tuesday and Wednesday and co-facilitating Circle with Dakota, Ojibwe and other American Indian Educators with Jenny Markwardt

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.59.49 AM.pngJenny Markwardt is a descendant of Bois Forte Reservation and is currently co- facilitating courses at East Range Academy of Technology and Science in both Introduction and Intermediate Annishinaabemowin classes to 10th-12th grade students on the Iron Range. Jenny has had traditional culture infused in her life from all aspects of her environment since childhood. In her youth, she was an active participant in Circling to the Seventh Generation Leadership Program. As an adult she took a chair position for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society at FDLTCC, both presenting research on wild rice at the AISES conference in Anchorage, Alaska and receiving her Student of the Year award and grant presented at Gathering of the Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She also participated with empowered Indigenous women at The White House Project, numerous language tables, and strives to use both her place-based environmental teachings from Osprey Wilds, formerly Audubon Center of the North Woods, coupled with her own 7 Teachings practices to work with the at-risk youth population as a liaison to community projects. Jenny is a recent widow and finds strength in raising her children with the positive teachings that she has come to embrace. 

Jenny will be co-facilitating Circle with Dakota, Ojibwa and other American Indian Educators with Lindsey Markwardt.

sal head pic.JPGStephanie Lee is a Restorative Justice Coordinator for Carlton County working with youth in the pre-trial diversion program. Offering youth the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, Carlton County emphasizes repairing the harm, promoting accountability and healing. Carlton County utilizes many restorative methods with youth enrolled in the program including: restorative chats, apology conferences, panels, and circles. 

Stephanie will be co-facilitatingConferencing to Repair Harm with Mallory Thorne on Thursday and Friday


Laraine Mickelson With over 25 years of experience in the field of Conflict Management Laraine has designed, implemented and written policy for a variety of programs including full-spectrum Integrated Conflict Management Systems for the State of Minnesota and justice programs for state and county agencies including juvenile diversion programs, sentencing circles for felony level crimes, transition programs for incarcerated offenders, and CREST (Conflict Resolution, Education and Skill Training) a peer mediator program for incarcerated offenders. Within the field of education, she specializes in whole-school implementation, training in school conferencing, mediation, and circle as well as consulting on topics of bullying and staff conflict. She has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin, Superior and Fond-du-Lac Tribal and Community College. She has been awarded the MN Dept. of Correction’s Person of the Year, Carlton County Restorative Justice Volunteer of the Year, is co-recipient of the Minnesota Corrections Association President’s award and the Minnesota Association for Alternative Programs school of the year award. Laraine is committed to bringing forward restorative philosophy to schools, justice systems, workplaces, and communities.

Laraine is co-facilitating Restorative Practices First Steps with Paul Mickelson on Monday: Four Day Circle Training Tuesday-Friday with Paul Mickelson: Whole School Design with Cloquet Area Alternative Program Principal Connie Hyde, Angela Garbett and Dave Perry all day Friday

BAE492FBCFF14DF0BDF4FC80C12E5A32Paul Mickelson has served in a number of correctional positions within federal and state institutions and is an expert regarding correctional systems. As a former coordinator for the Carlton County Restorative Justice Program, he was responsible for the daily activities, services and programs of the CCRJP. Paul is a certified ACES presenter and uses Restorative Justice methods as a trauma informed response. Paul has a mediation and consulting business with a focus on the design and implementation of Integrated Conflict Management Systems. He conducts trainings, mediations, and workshops for private and public sector organizations.

Paul is co-facilitating Restorative Practices First Steps with Laraine Mickelson Monday: Four Day Circle Training Tuesday-Friday with Laraine Mickelson

doris.pngDoris Moylan is a School Social Worker in the Osseo Area Schools District 279. She has her LICSW and also works part-time as an Outpatient Therapist with Nystrom and Associates, Ltd. Doris works with a variety of students from diverse backgrounds. She has experience working with students who have diagnoses that include the following: ASD, FAS, DCD, and EBD. She has worked in a level 4 setting for over 14 years. Many of the students Doris works with may also have a mental health diagnosis. She is trained in Restorative Justice and is a strong believer in the power of the Circle and giving all students a voice.

Doris is co-facilitating Restorative Practices and Special Education with Angel Speed Tuesday-Wednesday


Dave Perry is a Special Education/Social Studies teacher and Restorative Practices Coordinator at Cloquet Area Alternative Education Programs  (CAAEP). He has a Bachelor’s Degree from St Cloud State University and completed his Graduate work at Bemidji State University.

Dave is co-facilitatingWhole School Design with Cloquet Area Alternative Program Principal Connie Hyde, Angela Garbett and Laraine Mickelson all day Friday

thumbnail_image001.pngMary Skillings provides the kind of training to educators that brings them face-to-face with what it really takes to create a healthy, safe, thriving school culture. Mary’s workshops and other services are fully grounded in the core beliefs and values of Restorative Justice practices – that everyone has inherent worth and dignity, that we are all interconnected, and that successful learning is all about positive relationships. Mary demonstrates how other currently popular programs in education such as those stemming from Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Values Based Education (VbE), and Mindfulness Programs are effective when they are applied with these same attitudes. “It is the attitudes and lived values that make the difference, not the labels or the programs.” Though her primary focus is now on schools, Mary began her work in Restorative Practices in the Juvenile Justice System in the mid 1990’s. Deeply committed to making an actual difference and wanting to help people to change their behavior from the inside out, Mary designed and implemented a number of programs for juvenile offenders, as well as for victims of crime. As her focus began to shift to education and schools, she developed a number of training programs for educators. In 2007 she designed and taught Teaching from a Restorative Paradigm—a graduate level course offered in collaboration through the University of Minnesota/Duluth. Her current Professional Development Seminar is based on that original program.

Mary will facilitate Restorative Language/Chats Wednesday-Thursday

thumbnail_image0.jpgAngel Speed is a Education Assistant in Intermediate District 287.  She is currently working towards the MS Certification as an Academic and Behavioral Strategist. She has worked in a level 4 setting for over 5 years. Students that she has worked with have many diagnosis that include but are not limited to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Disabilities, Emotional Behavioral Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She is trained in Restorative Practices and finds them to be an invaluable foundation to any work with students and staff alike.



Angel will be co-facilitating Restorative Practices and Special Education with Doris Moylan Tuesday-Thursday.


Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 8.26.05 AM.pngMallory Thorne is the Restorative Justice Social Worker with the Carlton County Communities Restorative Justice Program. In this role, she provides restorative processes to youth who participate in a diversion program. She also works within the schools in Carlton County to assist in implementation of restorative practices.



Mallory is co-facilitating Conferencing to Repair Harm with Stephanie Lee on Thursday and Friday.