2019 Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30 am Registration, Connecting Time, Morning Mindful Moments ~ Coffee/Tea and Breakfast Breads Provided

8:30-Noon Morning Sessions

Noon-1:30 pm Lunch On-Site Provided

1:30-4 pm Afternoon Sessions

*see below for First Steps and Next Steps Training category description/List. Click here to learn about each training offering.

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*First Steps Training: Are you new to Restorative Practices (RP) and Process? Are you growing your RP skill set? These offerings are for you!

Monday: Restorative Practices First Step
Tuesday-Friday: Circle Training
Tuesday-Thursday: Conferencing to Repair Harm
Tuesday-Thursday: Restorative Language/Chats
Tuesday-Wednesday: Embracing the Circle and the Sacred Space Within it
Thursday-Friday: School Mediation & Conflict Coaching
Friday: Whole School Design
Friday Morning: Breaking the School Pipeline to Prison

*Next Steps Training: Are you interested in deepening your existing circle practice and or expanding upon your RP process skill set? These offerings are for you!

Tuesday-Thursday: Unpacking Privilege, Historical Trauma and Equity in Education
Tuesday-Wednesday: Deeper Understanding of Circle