Integrative Restorative Practices

Breaking the Pipeline to Prison Peter Eng and Chrissy Gamst, Tuesday morning

Can school disciplinary practices actually create a pipeline to prison? Policymakers, educators, law enforcement and restorative justice professionals are questioning “pushout” policies as a form of response for maladaptive behavior and misconduct in schools.  This morning session will offer an opportunity to discuss constructive actions that focus on keeping kids in school with staff and offenders from two local prisons. Participants will learn about local prison programs that support youth to become successful members of their community; discuss the school to prison pipeline and ways in which local partners can collaborate to support youth in their community.

Restorative Reiki Candy Adamczak, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon

When doing restorative work with others, it is equally important to have a daily self-care plan. This work is very rewarding. It involves working through conflicts and understanding differing styles, personalities and experiences while providing on-going support and reinforcement to others. This presentation will discuss Reiki as a self-care option by combining the concepts of restorative practices, mindfulness and energy work.

Mindfulness Inside and Out  Erin DeWitt, Wednesday morning

Let’s dive into the challenges you are often faced with in the classroom, emerge with some tools to navigate and transform those experiences into compost that creates the foundation for positive learning experiences and nourishes body, mind and spirit. We will role play our way through some common classroom occurrences, explore and experience how mindfulness and energy medicine practices can support restoring a safe and healthy learning environment for you and your students. We will also discuss how these practices can be woven into your restorative circles.

Living Through the Heart  Erin DeWitt, Thursday

Feeling overwhelmed, angry, fearful, ineffective, exhausted, or (insert feeling here)? You are not alone. Millions are struggling with these emotions and our lives are being shaped by our perceptions and responses to them. What if I told you that our way out is to go in? That regardless of our story, we can shift into feelings of ease, peace, and joy. That we can restore our energy levels, be empowered and feel connected. That there are simple and powerful tools available and when practiced guide us in effective decision making, relationship building and conflict resolution. Would you be willing to take a look? All branches of the US Military, many government agencies, universities and schools, hospitals and community organizations have. Let’s dive in and explore the Science of the Heart, learn some heart coherence tools, and begin building our coherence muscle with the practice of thinking, speaking, acting and teaching through the heart.