2018 Advanced Training

Conferencing to Repair Harm Ted Lewis, Tuesday and Wednesday

This workshop provides a solid introduction for teachers and school staff to facilitate restorative conferences that typically include harming and harmed parties, and support people. Outlines, skills, and intuitive ‘know-how’ will help facilitators to oversee a formal process involving separate preparation meetings, a joint dialogue conference, and agreement-based follow-ups. Understanding the difference between harms and disputes will also be covered, especially since school cases often have both elements.

Circle Keeper Training Mary Skillings, Thursday-Friday

Experienced Circle Keepers are invited to meet, learn and explore the finer details of circle keeping. In a collaborative circle share your successes and challenges, while deepening your own practice. Participants will be provided with critical information and practical experience of the Restorative Circle Process in the school community. This training will emphasize the Restorative Justice paradigm in which the Circle is contained and must be grounded in order to be authentic and promote healthy relationships.  Participants will be equiped with essential skills for facilitating Circles to build community in the school and classroom as well as for resolving conflict and repairing harm to relationships.